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the #1 CTR booster tool for YouTube

Increase your videos' CTR with AI-based recommendations. Attract more views and subscribers by optimizing titles, thumbnails, and descriptions based on data-driven insights.

see what content resonates with your audience

Understanding your audience preferences is often a moving target. What works today may not resonate tomorrow, making it hard to predict which videos will be hits.

Discover the videos that drive the highest CTRs, watch times, and clicks with Power Rankings. Rank your videos by their overall strength and leverage these insights to guide your content strategy, whether that's using similar thumbnails and titles, copying their intros, or repeating similar topics.

refine your thumbnail designs for higher clicks

Designing a YouTube thumbnail is both an art and a science. Not only do you need to create something visually pleasing, but it must also catch people's interest. Few creators are able to find this balance, and trends and preferences continuously evolve (is it mouth closed or mouth open this month?)

Enter Element Inspector, your personalized thumbnail advisor. Look at a detailed breakdown of each aspect of your thumbnail, from the emotion displayed in any faces shown, to the words used in overlays.

Understand what styles and features resonate most with viewers so you can craft thumbnails that are click-worthy and keep viewers watching.

pinpoint underperforming videos for quick wins

As a time-strapped creator, you can’t do it all. You need to identify the highest-impact tasks for boosting your channel's performance. Optimizing your low-performing videos based on the ones your audience already watches is a great way to boost CTRs and watch times across your videos .

With CTR Opportunities, you can find videos that are high in watch time but low in CTR based on a calculated opportunity measure. Elevate your videos' performance with targeted improvements, turning already engaging content into click magnets.

boost your click-through rates with our Thumbnail Analyzer tool

here's how Click Magnet works

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how to access feature

Play Video

step 1

Select Click Magnet from the TubeBuddy dropdown menu.

Play Video

step 2

Select which Click Magnet feature you would like to use.

step 1

Select Click Magnet from the TubeBuddy dropdown menu.

step 2

Select which Click Magnet feature you want to use from the 4 available.

how to access feature

Play Video

Step 1

While viewing a YouTube video locate the list of Tags from the Tubebuddy menu on the right.

Play Video

Step 2

You can copy tags, view their rankings, and more from the video viewing screen.

step 1

While viewing a YouTube video locate the list of Tags from the Tubebuddy menu on the right.

step 2

You can copy tags, view their rankings and more all from the video viewing screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Click Magnet?

Click Magnet is a suite of YouTube tools designed to help you improve your click-through rate (CTR) and overall video performance. Each tool uses AI and advanced algorithms to analyze your videos and data to show you exactly what's working and what's not… and offers insight into what steps to take to supercharge your content.

Get insights into how your thumbnails, titles, and video content affect your clicks and viewer engagement, and make improvements to get more viewers.

How does Click Magnet work?

When you open Click Magnet, you will find four tools at your disposal. Here's how each one works:

  1. Power Rankings: See which videos are driving clicks, watch time, and your overall CTR. It helps you understand what videos are most successful on your channel.
  2. Element Inspector: Look closely at your video thumbnails to figure out what elements make them more likely to get clicked on. It analyzes things like whether showing a face in the thumbnail or the emotions displayed helps get more views.
  3. CTR Opportunities: Identify videos that people watch for longer but might not be clicking on as much. Find videos that could become more popular with just a few tweaks to title, thumbnail, or description.
  4. Advanced Analytics: Dive deep into your video metrics beyond what YouTube's standard analytics show. Look closely at different performance aspects of your videos, like views, watch time, and CTR, to find patterns and opportunities for improvement.

Why is Click Magnet important for my YouTube channel?

Click Magnet helps you understand and optimize the elements directly influencing your videos' CTR. By increasing your CTRs, you can get more traffic for the same amount of impressions, boost your rankings, and get closer to becoming a full-time creator.

What's more, by giving concrete data on the elements that attract clicks, you can focus your efforts on creating content that resonates with your audience. The better the content, the more subscribers and viewer retention you'll have.

How reliable is Click Magnet's data?

The data provided by Click Magnet is based on TubeBuddy's own proprietary algorithms and analysis with data from the YouTube API. The data is as accurate as YouTube, but it’s TubeBuddy’s algorithmic interpretation of the data that makes all the difference.

Does Click Magnet tool cost anything?

Click Magnet is available as part of the TubeBuddy Legend plan. You can try the Click Magnet for free as part of a 30-day free trial of TubeBuddy Legend.

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