TubeBuddy Mobile

YouTube Optimization On-The-Go


Is TubeBuddy Mobile Free?

Our Mobile App is 100% free to download and use. There are some features that may be limited
unless you have access to TubeBuddy Mobile Unlimited. You can pay a monthly fee of $2.99 to get
Mobile Unlimited or get it for free along with any regular TubeBuddy license as a Member Perk.

What’s the difference between the Mobile App and the browser extension?

Consider our Mobile App a scaled-down version of our browser extension where we focus
on features that you would want while on-the-go. Although we’re launching with a limited
set of features, stay tuned as we build out more!

What features does TubeBuddy Mobile offer?

Live Subscriber Count
Tag Explorer
Comment Filtering
Canned Responses
Channel Milestones
Tag Rankings
Suggested Tags
Commenter Subscriber Counts
Video Topic Planner
Tag List Management

Does it work on iPad?

We don’t have a native iPad version but from your iPad you can search the
App Store for TubeBuddy using the “include iPhone Apps” option and install
the iPhone version on your iPad.

What is the minimum iOS version?


What is the minimum Android version?