Media Kit

branding elements

In this media kit, you’ll find the essential resources for accurately representing the TubeBuddy brand. Explore our brand colors, logo variations, and guidelines to ensure consistency and authenticity in your TubeBuddy-related content. We appreciate your commitment to upholding our brand identity.

correct logo usage

Check out our guidelines on how to correctly utilize the logo variations to maintain the integrity and recognition of the TubeBuddy brand.

wordmark on light background
wordmark on dark background
lettermark on light background
lettermark on dark background

The wordmark is shown with “by BENlabs” to emphasize the affiliation with our parent company.

The “e” in TubeBuddy provides the proper perimeter spacing distance around the logo as shown.

incorrect logo usage

Thank you for using the TubeBuddy logo properly. Here are a few examples of how the logo should not be presented..

don’t crowd the logo with other elements

don’t use the dark version of the wordmark on a dark background

don’t place the logo on top of really busy backgrounds

don’t squish or distort the logo

don’t use wrong colors for the logo

don’t use low resolution versions of the logo

color usage

These are our official brand colors. Note that we use both solid colors and gradients.

Text/Font Colors

For text/font colors, we use a near-black and an off-white.


Primary Colors

Used as the main/center of attention, the first color is meant for the main CTA color.


Secondary Colors

Used as secondary colors. Great for backgrounds and accent colors.


Tertiary Colors

Used as accent colors on darker background colors. These won’t be used as often.


Background Colors

Used for the main backdrop for text and images.


color usage

Here are our official colors. They come in solids and gradients.

benefit headline

Largest focus body copy, meant for shorter statements, not long paragraphs.

We want to offer benefit-first language. Our main headlines tell a Creator why they need to keep reading. They are fully lowercase with the exception of proper nouns, the names of features, and the word Creator. There are no periods at the end, but could have other kinds of punctuation marks like question marks or exclamation marks.

emphasized words

Sometimes, we really want to emphasize a particular word or two. In these rare cases, this is how we stylize those words.